Another early 80's Kingman junkyard find,

this 64" stainless steel, dzus-screwed panel for years remained just one more unidentified


Eventually it became this trampled skin's turn under the glow of the sleuthing spotlight and after searching high & low, it was finally revealed to be

no ordinary Panel!

Not having a photo of the Mighty Jug to show where it attached to the magnificent beast, I'm relying on this close-up a Thunderbolt model's belly, built 35 years ago by yours truly:

...surprising just how accurate they make

plastic models, isn't it?

In the late 80's, during an interview with him at his Texas home, Julian Myers remarked

about the Kingman Thunderbolts, "We had them parked close-in by the parade grounds".

His statement was verified in the early 80's when  several P-47 artifacts were discovered in that vicinity (now commercial sprawl), including these 3 Engine Cowling Dzus Straps with

Republic part numbers:

Their varying colors are an indication of several differently-painted P-47 engine cowls...

clockwise from left: olive, bare aluminum and white with a bit of olive around

the dzus screw.



photo credits this page:

3rd generation copy from

the missing Grounds' Home Movies,

Depot 41 Photo Archive


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